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2019 committee attendance as mp

95% attendance rate

Attended 19 meetings out of 20

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Committee appearances

  • Committee Report on Department’s Quarter 4 2018/19 & Quarter 1 2019/20; Third term Committee programme 17 Sep 2019

    Mr T Mabhena (DA) asked what process will be followed when Members look at the responses of the Department. What happens after the Committee considers the report? The Committee needs to be specific and deliberate when looking at the report. He suggested the Committee wait for the budget review process ...
  • Department of Transport Quarterly Reports, Capacity Building Session with AGSA 20 Aug 2019

    Mr T Mabhena (DA) said his understanding was that civil aviation under the DOT was a directorate on its own, and it seemed to be underperforming according to the report -- some targets were at 50%, and others at less than 50%. He suggested that maybe a situational analysis be undertaken ...
  • Second Term Committee Programme 25 Jul 2019

    Mr T Mabhena (DA) suggested it was important to engage with the Department on matters raised by the Committee on acting positions, vacancy rates, and the R400 million reserved for consultants, amongst other things. Many questions were raised, but were never responded to. So, the Department should respond to those ...
  • Department of Transport budget: Committee Report 4 Jul 2019

    Mr T Mabhena (DA) comments on 7.9 and what the department had presented in the previous meeting, as noted by the report the on the massive decrease in funding to the SANRAL from R6.3 billion in 2018/19 to R550.5 million in 2019/20. He questions how ...
  • Department of Transport 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan 3 Jul 2019

    Mr T Mabhena (DA) noted the Department seemed to have abandoned the Moloto Rail Corridor project. If the project had indeed been abandoned, what was the rationale for such a decision? He noted virements from PRASA to SANRAL to finance non-toll networks and said the railway network currently needs a ...

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