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  • Appropriation Bill 14 May 2013

    Yes. You don't know it. [Interjections.] ... used to finance undercover crime intelligence operations. Both Mdluli and Lazarus ...


  • Appropriation Bill 14 May 2013

    Take yourself! [Interjections.] I would like to remind the hon Minister of his commitment in this regard in his speech of 1 July 2009, when he said:

    We will continue to secure the full implementation of all elements of our Vetting Strategy, which contributes to enabling government to expose and ...

  • Appropriation Bill 14 May 2013

    He has probably, with due respect, conveniently forgotten about it. Or was it done on purpose?

    Die jaarlikse verslag van die JSCI is die enigste werklike dokument vir kommunikasie tussen die JSCI en die publiek daar buite. Ek praat reeds vir die afgelope vier jaar oor uitstaande verslae wat nie ...

  • Appropriation Bill 14 May 2013

    Yes, it's a fact. [Laughter.] Take Mdluli as an example, man.

  • Appropriation Bill 14 May 2013

    I continue:

    Both Mdluli and Lazarus were suspended from crime intelligence in 2011 after allegations of fraud and corruption linked to the secret fund.

    [Interjections.] The Minister of State Security said in his budget speech on 1 July 2009, and I quote:

    ... we will unfailingly ensure that the powers and ...

  • Appropriation Bill 14 May 2013

    In the quote I left out the fact that there were also Cabinet Ministers. Listen to what The Daily News says further about state security. [Interjections.]

    Therefore the ... Cabinet Ministers and senior government officials claiming to be mystified about the security breach need to look no further than State Security ...

  • Appropriation Bill 14 May 2013

    We are not doing it, Mr Minister! We are not doing it! Notwithstanding the fact that the Minister announced in October 2009 that the restructuring of the intelligence service would be done ... [Interjections.] ... and would be one of his key priorities, it's still not completed.

  • Appropriation Bill 14 May 2013

    It also seems as if the Guptas had a big influence on, or shall I rather say, caused a big disruption in, the restructuring process. [Laughter.] The Daily News reported on 6 May, under the headline, "Spooks warned of Gupta influence", and I quote:

    A persistent question following the Gupta ...

  • Appropriation Bill 14 May 2013

    Hon Chairperson; hon Minister of State Security; other Ministers present; hon Chairperson of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence; hon members; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen; and my beloved wife Magda in the public gallery, whom I would like to acknowledge for her presence, support and love, I greet you ...

  • No3362E 24 Oct 2012

    Hon Chairperson, Minister, can you please give us an indication as to when you think your department is going to start with the performance management and evaluation at the local government level?