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Thomas Makondo


  • NW1446E - 29 August 2014 29 Aug 2014

    With reference to the State of the nation address where the President, Mr J G Zuma emphasised the need for the Government to create more jobs, (a) how many jobs did his department and its entities create in the (i) 2011-12, (ii) 2012-13 and (iii) 2013-14 financial years, (b) how ...
  • NW1290E - 29 August 2014 29 Aug 2014

    In view of operation Phakisa and the perception that the health sector is collapsing due to non-maintenance, (a) when will these central hospitals be refurbished, equipped and staffed, (b) does his department have the budget for the refurbishments, (c) when will his department start with the refurbishments, (d) have project ...