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Tina Joemat-Petterssen


  • SAPS Crime Statistics 2018/19; with Minister 12 Sep 2019

    The Chairperson welcomed the Minister, Deputy Minister, Members and National Commissioner. There was one item on the agenda for the day - the presentation on the 2019 crime statistics. The presentation would be delivered and then questions from the Members would be allowed. The Minister would be conducting a press briefing ...
  • Safety & Security in Schools: DBE & SAPS briefings 10 Sep 2019

    Ms T Joemat-Pettersson (ANC) chaired the meeting
  • Joint Consultative Workshop on Tourist Safety and Security in South Africa 27 Aug 2019

    Ms T Joemat-Pettersson (ANC) welcomed all in attendance and thanked the Chairperson for hosting such an important workshop. She said that tourism is a catalyst for economic growth and job creation. Crime in the country constitutes a threat to the thriving tourism industry. The reporting of crime in South Africa ...
  • PSIRA & Civilian Secretariat for Police 2019/20 Annual Performance Plans; Budget Reports 9 Jul 2019

    The Chairperson said that there was an outstanding state of policing report, and agreed that there should be an independent overview of the police. The Minister was planning a safety summit in the Western Cape -- was the CSPS involved in any way, and how would it ensure that the summit ...
  • Financial Management of Parliament Bill: briefing 18 May 2005

    Ms Joemat (ANC) expressed her concern over the discipline of spending by the executive authority, as it was outside of the control of the Accounting Officer. She asked what the powers of an oversight Committee would be in such an instance and whether it was written into the Bill.
  • National Treasury Budget: briefing 1 Jun 2004

    Ms Joemat (ANC) said that a she had noted that a shift had taken place in the way donor funding was given by the International Development Cooperation (IDC) to support for policy and strategy with a strong emphasis on poverty alleviation. She wanted to know whether the Department was evaluating ...
  • National Treasury Budget: briefing 1 Jun 2004

    Ms Joemat (ANC) said that if this was the case it had a major impact on the budget. The organogram for that particular year would have to be restructured.
  • Medium Term Budget Policy Statement: hearings 13 Nov 2003

    Ms Joemat (ANC) asked about the balance of payment. In 2002/3 there was a surplus and now we the forecast is a deficit of 1% of the GDP. What is the projection for the future? Will there be a surplus again?
  • Revenue Laws Amendment Bill 2003: hearings 23 Oct 2003

    Ms Joemat (ANC) commented that PAYE was deducted from workers and therefore should be paid over immediately to the SARS.
  • Revenue Laws Amendment Bill 2003: briefing 22 Oct 2003

    Ms Joemat (ANC) mentioned the example of paint companies approaching schools to paint them. They had received tax incentives for this formerly. With the exclusion of services in this bill, does this mean that they also will not be able to make use of this incentive?