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Maggie Tlou


  • SALGA 2021/22 Annual Performance Plan 15 Apr 2021

    Ms M Tlou (ANC) said the AGSA’s audit findings and reports from the previous financial years had indicated concerns on compliance with legislation and weak internal controls in various municipalities. What was the SALGA going to do to ensure that the financial sustainability of these specific municipalities was improved?
  • Engagement with Amathole District and its local municipalities 13 Apr 2021

    Ms M Tlou (ANC) said that the municipality was not prepared to be honest with the Committee on what was happening within the municipality. She asked what the root causes of the issues were, because even if the Committee was prepared to assist the municipality, there would be no progress ...
  • Implementation of Traditional and Khoi San Leadership Act & 2017 Traditional Indaba resolutions 8 Apr 2021

    On a question posed Ms M Tlou (ANC) on who would audit the traditional councils, he said that according to relevant legislation, the audits had to be conducted by a registered auditor. This did not necessarily include the Auditor-General, as during previous discussions with the AG, the latter had noted ...
  • Frances Baard District Municipality: state of municipalities 16 Mar 2021

    Ms M Tlou (ANC) said that there was no information on the contravention of supply chain management on the annual financial statements. This resulted in understatements. What has been done to address this? What system is in place to prevent accepting quotations from those employed by municipalities and connected to ...
  • Lejweleputsa District Municipality: state of municipalities 9 Mar 2021

    Ms M Tlou (ANC) stated that Masilonyana Local Municipality continues to undermine the constitutional mandate of the AG by having not submitted their financial statements since 2016/17 financial year. She wanted to know the investigation outcome of this issue, as it contributes further to the UIFW expenditure in the municipality. ...
  • Amathole District Municipality: state of municipalities 3 Mar 2021

    Ms M Tlou (ANC) wanted to know the strategic plans that were implemented by the municipality to remedy the audit findings by the AG in relation to qualified audit opinion in terms of infrastructure, property, equipment and irregular expenditure. She also wanted to know what gave rise to the transgression ...
  • Stakeholder engagement on state of municipalities: Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipality and all local municipalities 2 Mar 2021

    Ms M Tlou (ANC) asked how much revenue the municipality collected monthly.
  • Small Town Regeneration programme: SALGA briefing 24 Feb 2021

    Ms M Tlou (ANC) raised the issue of township revitalisation. She stated the SALGA presentation failed elaborate on small scale farmer initiatives. She asked how SALGA intended to equip small businesses and farming initiatives to generate income, stressing that small scale farmers often lack equipment and often need support in ...
  • District Development Model: DCoG Update on Implementation 23 Feb 2021

    Ms M Tlou (ANC) said she thought the platform of monitoring would be effective in running municipalities effectively, and would also bring about government stabilisation and curb in-fighting and the failure to provide service delivery. The DDM placed a heavy emphasis on local economic growth and development, but the priorities ...
  • Update on state of Dr JS Moroka & Lekwa Local Municipalities 16 Feb 2021

    Ms M Tlou (ANC) said that in Dr JS Moroka there were managers who were implicated in some wrongdoings.