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  • NECSA, Mintek, SANEDI, NERSA, NRWDI & NNR 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 5 May 2021

    Mr V Zungula (ATM) said that Mintek’s target for procuring from small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) was in terms of their employment ratios, but was there any target for the procurement from specifically black SMMEs?
  • Preferred Bidders for the Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement Programme; Karpowership contract; with Minister 20 Apr 2021

    The Committee Secretary said apologies had been received from Mr V Zungula (ATM), who was unable to attend due to prior commitments, and the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Mr Gwede Mantashe, who was attending a National Coronavirus Command Council meeting.
  • Impact of SONA on Department; Licensing regime (both mineral and energy): DMRE briefing 24 Feb 2021

    The Chairperson said that whether NERSA was there or not, they were not going to present. The procedure was simple. Members had to receive documents at least 24 hours before the meeting commenced and they did not. He noted that there were personnel issues that had been overlooked in the ...
  • Impact of SONA on Department 24 Feb 2021

    Mr V Zungula (ATM) said the presentation had been very clear and provided insight on various issues. Firstly, as a Committee, part of its work was to ensure all laws were adhered to in terms of small business development. He recommended that a law should be passed that non-South African ...
  • Nuclear New Build Request for Information: DMRE Update 23 Feb 2021

    Mr V Zungula (ATM) asked if there were any local bidders (slide five)? If yes, could they provide the details? Which local companies were identified by shareholding to participate in the local reservation and what was the process to obtain these companies (slide six)? Was Eskom ready with the interface ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 16 Apr 2021

    (1)      Whether, given the state of affairs at SA Airways (SAA), he can account as to the reason that the voluntary severance package (VSP) payments of more than 3480 former SAA employees have not been paid, despite promises by his department to effect the payment by 31 January 2021; if not, ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Home Affairs 19 Mar 2021

    Given the reports of persons illegally entering the Republic due to corruption at the border gates and a lack of physical border infrastructure in some areas, (a) what steps has he taken to ensure that the physical infrastructure of borders will be properly set up to prevent illegal entry into ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture 5 Mar 2021

    (1). Whether he has been informed that the current leadership of Basketball South Africa is unconstitutional as per the amended constitution ratified at the Annual General Meeting on 23 August 2014, due to a quorum not being achieved and elections not having taken place since 2016; if not, why not; ...

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    Somlomo ohloniphekileyo, namhlanje sibona ama-Afrika siphinde sifumanise ukba ngoobani abantu abangengawo ama-Afrika. Umntu ongum-Afrika uyayazi ukuba xa umntu eswelekile awuthethi kakubi ngaye, uthetha kakuhle kuba uzama ukubonisa abantu ukuba mabazame ukukopa izinto ezilungileyo nezintle azenzileyo.


    As the ATM, we pay our respects to a fearless servant of Zimbabwe, a ...

  • TRIBUTES TO THE SPRINGBOK RUGBY TEAM (Draft Resolution) 12 Nov 2019

    Speaker, in the early 90s utata uDumile Qeqe built a stadium in Zwide, Port Elizabeth with hope that he would mentor and guard future stars and also keep children away from mischievous acts on the streets.

    Little did he know that one of the children who used to train at ...

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