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2021 committee attendance as mp

98% attendance rate

Attended 39 meetings out of 40

2020 committee attendance as mp

87% attendance rate

Attended 62 meetings out of 71

2019 committee attendance as mp

75% attendance rate

Attended 38 meetings out of 51

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2019 [Source]


Nature Name of Company Number of Shares Nominal Value
Easy equity Argent Industrial Limited 26 3.75
Easy equity Distel Group Holding
Easy equity Stefanuti stocks Ltd. 2.90


Description of Property Location – Area Extent of the Property
Residential Bloemfontein, Phase II 4 Rooms
Residential Bloemfontein, Phase 6 2 Rooms

Committee appearances

  • Second Special Appropriation Bill: public hearings 17 Sep 2021

    Mr X Qayiso (ANC) invited Mr Ryder to agree 100% with what was said by COSATU. The issue of caregivers needed to be addressed – as well as that of the assistant teachers. There were new opportunities that had arisen since the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the necessity to have ...
  • Second Special Appropriation Bill: DTIC briefing 15 Sep 2021

    Mr X Qayiso (ANC) stated that measures had come at a fortunate time as the economy was facing multiple challenges. He had heard that 14 000 jobs had been lost. When the Department supported businesses, were those businesses required to retain all jobs or were they allowed to lay off ...
  • Second Special Appropriation Bill: Department of Social Development briefing 14 Sep 2021

    Mr X Qayiso (ANC) reminded the Department that the National Development Plan was to reduce poverty by 6% by 2030. Was that achievable? If not, what would DSD propose? He noted that people around the country stood in queues to get the grant, especially since the current registrations in September. ...
  • Second Special Appropriation Bill: SASRIA SOC Ltd briefing. 8 Sep 2021

    Mr X Qayiso (ANC) commended SASRIA’s good work over the years. There are no governance challenges that one can point out as they have successfully executed their task. When talking about damages, the focus has been on small business, but a sector of the economy often forgotten about are the ...
  • Second Special Appropriation Bill: PBO briefing 7 Sep 2021

    Mr X Qayiso (ANC) asked the PBO what its view was on the review of the fiscal policy towards effecting necessary changes to the current economic challenges. Economic challenges were experienced more in the areas of national health and education, which should be boosted. There was need for a radical ...

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Plenary appearances

  • WEDNESDAY, 4 DECEMBER 2019 4 Dec 2019

    Hon House Chairperson, the debate on the Adjustments Appropriation Bill and the Medium-Term Budget

  • NOTICES OF MOTION 12 Nov 2019

    House Chairperson, I hereby give notice that on the next sitting day of the House I shall move on behalf of the ANC:

    That the House - debates progress with the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, TRC, recommendations, as well as discussions on prosecutions, the special dispensation process, ...

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