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Zakhele Njabulo Mbhele


  • ICASA Spectrum Auction Process; Update on merger of state entities; ICASA Councillor Salaries 25 Oct 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) noted the importance of the risk of being outpaced in the reform processes that its outcomes might no longer reflect the needs of the markets when it is finalised. He agreed with Mr Mackenzie’s sentiments regarding the need for more definite long-term timeframes to ensure that ...
  • (Subcommittee) SABC Board Vacancy: Interviews 7 Sep 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) asked the candidate to expand on her ideas of value add to the SABC by means of digitization, moving towards the fourth industrialisation, innovation in championing new products and inspiring quality content. In her analysis of the SABC, what would she say is a key shortfall ...
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Board Vacancies: Interviews 7 Sep 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) commented that the candidate’s response to Ms Faku ’s question resonated with his own vision for MDDA. He emphasised the importance of ensuring MDDA’s sustainability going into the future and encouraged him to further unpack and expand on his ideas on that.
  • (Subcommittee) SABC Board Vacancy: Interviews 7 Sep 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) noted from her CV that the candidate is involved and has gained career experience in business restructuring. She must have some insight to organizational analysis and identification of weaknesses and opportunities. From a strategic gap identification, what would her observations and understanding identify as a key ...
  • (Subcommittee) SABC Board Vacancy: Interviews 7 Sep 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) was satisfied with the candidate’s response on how to build and ensure MDDA sustainability and also on partnership building. The candidate is directly involved in the community media space with the Stokvel Talk publication. There is untapped potential in community media in serving its audience which ...
  • (Subcommittee) SABC Board Vacancy: Interviews 7 Sep 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) noted one of the solutions the candidate proposed is negotiating with National Treasury for increased funding and doing so with substantive motivation and research. The candidate brings diverse experience and asked if the avenue of seeking increased funding from National Treasury would really be successful. Building ...
  • (Subcommittee) SABC Board Vacancy: Interviews 3 Sep 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) asked the candidate for the SABC 's key shortfall from the perspective of strategic gap identification – whether there are internal or external operating environment factors that are causing its current predicament.
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Board Vacancies: Interviews 3 Sep 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) said the mission of the MDDA board is to ensure the future sustainability of MDDA. Everyone recognises the value and importance that it plays in promoting and deepening community broadcasting media. One is cognizant of resource constraints and community broadcasting media’s inability to add to its ...
  • (Subcommittee) SABC Board Vacancy: Interviews 3 Sep 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) sought clarity on the five-minute engagement rule. He wanted to know if members were free to ask one question then obtain responses in an interactive format or would each Member ask all their questions at once and then get all the answers. He personally preferred the ...
  • MDDA Vacancies: Subcommittee Programme 31 Aug 2021

    Mr Z Mbhele (DA) expressed that he did not have a definite list to contribute but will engage with the names proposed by the other Members of the subcommittee.