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Zukile Luyenge


  • Deliberation on criteria for short-listing candidates 23 Jan 2019

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) aligned himself with the previous speaker. He also had a problem with the document presented by Adv Tembe. It was a memorandum sent to, and approved, by the Deputy Speaker. The document should have been written as a guideline. The document should be converted from a ...
  • Denel on forensic investigations instituted and charges laid against those implicated; Legacy Report 5 Dec 2018

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) highlighted the issue of corruption at Denel. He asked if the board and executives came across individuals who were corrupt at Denel, both from the previous board and executives. If investigations were in place, how far was the process at this moment? On monies that were ...
  • Eskom Inquiry report: adoption 28 Nov 2018

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) replied that there was nothing new in the report and the Committee had nothing to hide. So there was no need for a caucus.
  • South African Airways (SAA) turnaround: progress report 27 Nov 2018

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) appreciated the presentation and commended the progress recorded by the airline thus far. He wanted to know if the transformation agenda was being taken as one SAA’s priorities from the top echelons down to the lowest levels of the organisation. Did the Department of Public ...
  • Eskom 2017/18 Annual Report; Eskom Corporate Plan 21 Nov 2018

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) praised Eskom for rising from the abyss after the misuse and abuse of its resources. There is now the possibility of recouping the money that was deliberately stolen from Eskom. If 11 senior executives have exited and are now criminally charged and 822 of the 1068 ...
  • One Environmental System colloquium 20 Nov 2018

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) appreciated the fact that the NEMLA bill was now a progressive work. The only worry was the consideration of the new aspects the seemed to be complementing the NEMLA bill. One of the speakers had asked if there was time for consideration that should be made ...
  • Department of Public Enterprises Quarter 1 & 2 performance 14 Nov 2018

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) welcomed the presentation and the opportunity to delve deeper into problems of SOE profitability. We are at the stage of making amends in the Department by playing a role towards ensuring that SOE efforts to grow the economy are realised. Is the role played by SOE ...
  • NEMLA Bill remitted: adoption; Committee Report on Captive Lion Breeding Colloquium 8 Nov 2018

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) said that the reference to Executive Committee and Executive Mayor is unnecessary and they should merely refer to the Municipal Council.
  • Alexkor 2017/18 Annual Report 7 Nov 2018

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) appreciated the simplified and easy to follow nature of the presentation unlike that of the previous years. He praised the positive changes in the administration and governance at Alexkor. He asked what the relationship is like between the Richtersveld community and the company. The R45m for ...
  • Industry Waste Plans; SANParks & SAWS Quarter 1 performance 6 Nov 2018

    Dr Z Luyenge (ANC) failed to understand why the Department had to appoint auditors. He asked if there was no internal audit in the Department.