Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises
Abe Maarman
Refusal to assist in avoidance of Retrenchments in the Richtersveld
9 July 2019 4:33 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises,

I write this letter as a deeply concerned resident in the Richtersveld regarding the nonshalant attitude displayed by the Department of Public Enterprises relating to the implementation of a resolution agreed to with the community of the Richtersveld. The resolution places an obligation on the DPE, representing the Government as the majority shareholder, to assist the Joint Venture between Alexkor Ltd and the Richtersveld Mining Company, should any operational challenges hamper sustainability.

Out of 350 employees 190 were retrenched at the end of June 2019 in the most remote areas in the Namaqua District. There are limited economic opportunities in the area with little hope of any employment.

Your urgent intervention to ensure that the rescue plan of the mine be supported and funded by the majority shareholder, will go far in avoiding unintended consequences. Please consider my humble request.