Standing Committee on Finance
Mokoena Motlalepula Richard
Proposal for a New economical model to resuscitate our economy in this dire economic state
29 January 2020 2:53 p.m.
Dear Standing Committee on Finance,

I am young man who is very patriotic of his country. I forward my humble request to designated body to submit a Proposal of a new ECONOMICAL MODEL. I have engineered the model that is very pragmatic to approach or implement as soon as possible to avoid this ticking bomb that is approachind in our country. I therefore rquest to be afforded a platform to present it before Parliament before SONA. It will be of assistance to giving our country the economy it deserves.

It comprises of two pillars which will enable our country to quickly recover economically. They are as follow. COLOURLESS ACT 2019 AND IMPARTIALITY ACT 2019. This two pillars in promulgation by the Parliament will inevitably grant us as the country Wealth and Security. It is structured with congruency to the constituion without any transgressions to human rights.

I approached couple of entities including LUTHULI HOUSE particularly the Presidential office but they are not creating time for it hence I follow the public office to try and help through it. Remember we may act all civil but when poverty kicks in, our animalistic characters gets revealed.

Please consider this appeal as soon as possible before SONA time. I am up to help my country like a soldier.

For further communication I am ready. Find me on 0838717979 / 0681215120