Ad Hoc Committee on the appointment of the Auditor-General:
PBO Director Vacancy: Public Input on shortlisted candidates
21 September 2020 4:10 p.m.
Dear Joint Standing and Select Committees on Finance and Appropriation,

Too many Zibabweans will spark xenophobia, especially in important positions.

Assuming all africans are homogeneous, and foreigner african blacks will always serve the interest of local south africans better than actual south africans is an issue.

there is outrage over this on social media ( ( (

The question of citizenship is 1 thing colonizers used to infiltrate South africa legally (, immigration were tools they used, its a poison pill placed on our constitution as well. SA is not USA. What the worl sees in the US, its due to slavery laws passed and never reversed. The American form of birthright citizenship, which is guaranteed in the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, is “clearly rooted in Roman and English legal principles, many of which were fueled by expansionist territorial ambitions coupled with mercantile economies,” Which is also the reason why its mainly practiced in only 30 countries world wide and predominantly in heavy migrant countries North America and South America ( and former colonisers. “Records from the 39th U.S. Congress in 1866 clearly show that the birthright citizenship debate centered on the labor utility of foreigners and their children in spurring economic development. Subsequently, Congress enacted this right in the 14th Amendment, which was adopted in 1868. It was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1898, and nothing of legal significance has changed since then.”… from A south African point of view there is no case to increase labour, yet the government does not seem to care about local blood right citizens, special blacks.

South Africa has lenient Citizenship methods that compromise legal principle of Jus Sanguinis “Blood right” ( and equalised it to Jus Soil “right to soil” (, what this does is dilute South Africans black blood and give any foreigner the right to government or to govern even if they don’t have historical relationships with native blacks in blood or descendants of those whom justice is pending. Blood rights metter, lineage matters in Africa tradition and law.

Are there any South Africans in SADC parliament, did zimbabweans help so much to be honored this way? ( No