Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour
Uif maternity benefits complaint
12 April 2021 9:58 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour,

Hi my name is Caylene claim number: 30005863261 , I am beyond frustrated and sad to the fact that I have apply for my maternity benefits on the 23 January 2021 and to this day have not received a cent of my uif money,I have spoken since January to numerous consultants who all say I must be patient telling me my documents wasn't even captured yet by an assessor, I even went with my newborn baby to the labour offices in cape town in March to find out when exactly will I receive payment but no one can help me,I have emailed the BCP team twice who didn't even assist me,all my documents were send,how am I suppose to buy my baby nappies and milk ,it's really disgusting and disappointing to know four months later you still haven't received a cent,I feel like crying