Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA)
Melanie Steyn
11 February 2022 4:05 p.m.
Dear Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA),

We write to you as concerned, troubled, demotivated and extremely fearful employees of the MHSC.

The MHSC carries an important mandate of health and safety and also the Board and committee structures to the lowest levels of staff are running the entity to the ground. At the heart of the challenges is lack of good corporate governance which is then transferred to the current leadership which is made up of all acting officials .These officials have failed to lead the organization to perform and to ensure preservation of institutional memory as high turnover is plaguing the entity. The current managers have been acting and getting paid but not expected to work for their salaries. Fraud and corruption is allowed flourish and those who dare to speak out are severely punished and systematically worked out of the organization. Investigations are investigated by people who are junior or implicated and no action is done for years. The organization has taken a turn with the organization seeing resignations of independent committee members who don't want to be associated with such an organization. Months pass and key roles are not filled because people are acting and not required to push the work. People acting are the ones who have to push appointment of the permanent management team. Staff try to engage also threatened or worked out.

The people who are going to suffer are the mine workers and the employees who wont get jobs after MHSC. Tax payers money is used to keep the MHSC going the SCOPA is requested to come look at the chaos that is being covered and continuing corruption and poor delivery .Mine workers die everyday but it looks like no one really cares at MHSC.

People have no where to go and hope that leaders will lead and help them and to get attention that will look at things independent takes time and makes people think its better to be evil and corrupt than to do what is right because of the ill-treatment that comes after standing for the truth and what is right. MHSC is small but has a big responsibility .

SCOPA is requested to investigate not take this as truth but to come and see for itself and not dependent on those at the top for the truth, it will not be told.

SCOPA is requested to come review the state of governance and leadership and performance of the entity in the interest of mine workers and the employees of the MHSC.