Infographic: Fifth Parliament - third term review

With the third term (17 August to 23 September) of Parliament done and dusted, the People’s Assembly takes a look at some of the legislature’s activities from this period.

The review provides a snapshot of the number of working days, bills processed, oral replies by the President and petitions tabled in Parliament.

Parliament will be reopening on 11 October after a two-week recess period.

There were 44 fewer meetings in 2016 third term compared to 2015. Similarly, there were 135 fewer meetings in 2016 second term than in 2015. This was due to the extended campaigning by MPs in the run up to 2016 Municipal Elections which kept Parliament.

Processing of Bills was also slower with 1 Bill passed, the President signed 2 Bills into law while 1 new Bill has been introduced.

The President also answered oral questions in Parliament once in the third term.

See infographic below for a snapshot of the first term activities in Parliament for 2016:



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