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Alina Mfulo

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Economic Development Economic Development Department on Quarter 2 performance, with Minister and Deputy Minister
    14 Nov 2017

    Documents handed out: Q2 report – EDD [document awaited as it is being updated]

    The Economic Development Department (EDD) reported that South Africa’s unemployment rate had remained steady at 27.7% for the past three quarters.  Jobs had increased by 92 000, to 16 192 000, while unemployment had increased ...

  • Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Innovations for Improving Local Government Service Delivery: Armscor, CSIR, SALGA, MISA briefing
    8 Nov 2017

    The Committee met with ARMSCOR, CSIR, SALGA, MISA and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to receive a briefing on innovations from the institutions and its opinion on how the innovations could assist with improving service delivery in local government. Presentations were received from ARMSCOR, CSIR, and DST, while ...

  • Economic Development Oversight Report
    7 Nov 2017

    Apologies were received from the Member, Dr MJ Cardo

    The Committee adopted outstanding minutes of meeting as well as Reports prepared on oversight visits. All minutes and Reports were adopted, some with minor amendments. There was a discussion on the absence of Mr M Mabika. The Chairperson requested the members ...

  • Science and Technology Shale Gas developments in SA: CSIR, ASSAf & Department briefing
    1 Nov 2017

    The Committee was briefed by the Academy of Science of South Africa and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research on shale gas development in South Africa, and South Africa’s technical readiness to support the Shale Gas Industry. The exploitation of South Africa’s shale gas deposits was of ...

  • Science and Technology Green technologies and environment programmes: role of DST
    25 Oct 2017

    The Committee was briefed by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) on its contribution to the transition to a greener economy. The presentation and all the questions from Members, coupled with the answers, demonstrated how many factors played a role in moving South Africa towards a green economy. The ...

  • Science and Technology South African National Space Agency 2016/17 Annual Report
    11 Oct 2017

    Annual Reports 2016/17 

    The Committee was briefed by the SANSA on its 2016/17 Annual Programme.
    SANSA had achieved 15 of its 17 targets which translated into an 88% success rate. Two key performance highlights were: the production of five high impact national products and supporting close to 11 ...