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Audrey Dimakatso Maleka


  • FRIDAY, 6 DECEMBER 2019 6 Dec 2019

    Deputy Chairperson, in the recent past our country witnessed horrific acts of criminality visited upon the women of our country. These incidences of gender-based violence has brought pain to all of us and shocked the whole nation, bringing shame to all of us and especially some men who are perpetrators ...

  • ANC. 29 Oct 2019

    Thank you, Deputy Chairperson. Hon Minister, I want to ask, did the coal mining activities have any economic spinoffs and job opportunities for the people of the surrounding area?

  • NDP. 17 Oct 2019

    Thank you Deputy Minister for your response. I want to ask a follow-up question. Has government looked at making industrialisation the central pillar in advancing the objectives of

    the NDP, especially the manufacturing sector, to ensure that the South African economy generates the right mix of decent jobs in the ...


    Hon Chairperson, hon Minister, what influence does a programme like this have on the life of an inmate during and after their time in prison?

  • APPROPRIATION BILL (Policy debate) 24 Jul 2019

    Hon Deputy Chairperson, the Chief whip of the NCOP, hon Minister, hon MECs, hon members and esteemed guests. Deputy Chairperson, the democratic government inherited a social welfare system based on racial exclusion and inequalities; where the white

    population enjoyed socio-economic privileges which characterised the welfare policy of the apartheid regime. ...