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Diliza Lucky Twala


  • D. 25 Jul 2014

    Hon Chair, despite the budget having increased by 213% in the past 12 years and the service having undergone a myriad of transformative processes, the taxpayers still have to be shown the fruits of the sacrifice. The quality of detective work continues to be substandard, as reflected in the declining ...

  • Appropriation Bill 21 Jul 2014

    Chairperson, Ms Kohler, that is a really hard act to follow for one who is new in this House.

  • Appropriation Bill 21 Jul 2014

    Chairperson, I was just saying that Ms Kohler did a great job. I cannot repeat or go back to what you have just said. Thank you. [Applause.]

    Hon members, all protocol observed. It is perhaps imperative that we go back in history in order to understand how we got here ...

  • Appropriation Bill 21 Jul 2014

    Similarly, calls are beginning to emerge, agitating for a boost in the numbers of the Public Order Policing Units to quell the civil unrest that is engulfing the country.

    The point being missed here relates to the construct. No amount of cosmetic application can change its outcomes. The proposed civilianisation ...