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Fikile Andiswa Masiko


  • Commission for Gender Equality 2019/20 Quarter 4 performance 1 Sep 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) emphasised the responsibility and importance of the role of the police ensuring perpetrators are brought to book. It is also important to ensure the crimes against women are termed correctly. For instance in uMtwalume, women are being killed and body parts are being taken for muti ...
  • NYDA Quarterly Performance Reports 25 Aug 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) reflected on the Chairperson’s opening remarks, commenting that the Committee had a duty to follow up on the challenges faced by community members. The GBV cases reported on the news and social media were very disturbing. There were often discussions on the interventions that the ...
  • Determination of salaries and allowances of CGE Members; DWYPD Quarterly Performances 18 Aug 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) requested a report on the progress for the women’s month activities. The Committee is aware the Department is conducting webinars, but she asked if these webinars are accessible to ordinary citizens who may have technological issues such as infrastructure and access.
  • NYDA Board vacancies: Recommendation & Committee Report 5 Aug 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) welcomed the Report, saying it was a true reflection of the Committee’s deliberations. She said the Committee had also reflected on gender representation, which was important. On a board of seven members, 50% was not possible, but she would have been comfortable with at least ...
  • NYDA Board Vacancies: Deliberations 4 Aug 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) replied that she understood and agreed.
  • (Subcommittee) NYDA Board Interviews Day 4 31 Jul 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) asked if he thought the NYDA performs its mandate efficiently and effectively. If yes, how and if no, what are the shortcomings and what can be done to strengthen them? She asked the candidate to provide practical examples of what he would do, if appointed to ...
  • NYDA Board Interviews Day 3 30 Jul 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) said it was inspiring to see women advancing in the sector, breaking the glass ceiling, particularly younger women. She asked the candidate which sectors the NYDA should focus on to create jobs and advance youth development.
  • NYDA Board Interviews Day 2 28 Jul 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) said there is a general negative perception of the NYDA amongst the youth that it serves only a specific cohort of young people. She asked what the candidate had done to change this perception and, if appointed to the NYDA board, what would he do better ...
  • NYDA Board Interviews Day 2 28 Jul 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) said the candidate had disqualified herself for interview since she has not given reasons for not attending.
  • NYDA Board Interviews Day 1 27 Jul 2020

    Ms F Masiko (ANC) asked a question that was not in English [68:47]. She asked how young people have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and how government can intervene to assist young people.