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Henry Andries Shembeni


  • Minister of Police on 2019/20 Annual Crime Statistics 31 Jul 2020

    Mr H Shembeni (EFF) raised a concern with detective services. He strongly believed that detective services needed to be prioritised. It seemed as if visible policing was prioritised most of the time. Crimes were being reported and they needed to be investigated thoroughly. He was happy that the Commissioner announced ...
  • SAPS, CSPS & IPID Budget: Committee Reports; Minister on appointment of IPID Executive Director 15 Jul 2020

    Mr H Shembeni (EFF) said that the law does not say anything about the appointment of the Executive Director after the twelve month period has collapsed. The law does not talk about an extension or if there is any wrong doing the period is extended. He was afraid that the ...
  • SAPS, IPID & CSPS Adjusted budget & Revised Annual Performance Plan 10 Jul 2020

    Mr H Shembeni (EFF) said he did not see anything being done to improve the capacity of the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (
  • Committee Reports 26 Jun 2020

    Mr H Shembeni (EFF) agreed with Ms Faku. He said the police work hard to apprehend the perpetrators but then they are released, so a meeting is needed to discuss the role the Department of Justice plays in the bail and release of perpetrators.
  • PSIRA Quarter 1, 2 & 3 performance; Firearms Amnesty Notice 11 Jun 2020

    Mr H Shembeni (EFF) said he is disappointed with the visual issues occurring during the presentation.
  • Firearm Amnesty: Follow-up meeting with SAPS 3 Jun 2020

    Mr H Shembeni (EFF) concurred with Dr Groenewald’s point on the lockdown’s effects on contact crimes. He requested clarity on the types of firearms being submitted. He also wanted to know the origin of the firearms, whether they were South African made or foreign. Regarding DFOs, he enquired ...
  • Firearms Amnesty; SAPS, IPID, CSPS and PSIRA Budget: Committee Reports 27 May 2020

    Mr H Shembeni (EFF) wanted to know the impact the lockdown had had on the amnesty, arguing that people should not be stopped from bringing guns into police stations as gun circulation contributed to more crime.
  • IPID budget hearing briefing: continuation 22 May 2020

    Question Three was asked by Mr H Shembeni (EFF) about the removal of two indicators. The strategic plan and APP had been developed in consultation where IPID had been advised to report on them in the annual operational plan.
  • PSIRA 2020/21 Annual Performance Plan 14 May 2020

    Mr H Shembeni (EFF) asked about the so-called statutory minimum wages of security companies. What steps had been taken to address the non-compliance of security service providers with the provision of basic conditions of employment in terms of payment of statutory minimum wages? Exploitation of security guards was an ongoing ...
  • CSP & IPID 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 13 May 2020

    Mr H Shembeni (EFF) said there is no indication on sign language reporting when it comes to domestic violence cases. Is there any indicator that evaluates the capacity of the SAPS staff? Are sign language interpreters and people with disabilities employed in police stations?