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  • NW108E - 12 February 2015 12 Feb 2015

    With reference to her reply to question 2222 on 13 November 2014, (a) on what date will the Gas Utilisation Master Plan be published for public comment and (b) with what other plans is the Gas Utilisation Master Plan aligned?
  • NW109E - 12 February 2015 12 Feb 2015

    (a) What detailed plans are in place to ensure the smooth transition of the solar water heater rebate programme that has been transferred from Eskom to her department and (b) how many (i) high pressure and (ii) low pressure solar water heaters will be rolled out in 2015?
  • NW144E - 12 February 2015 12 Feb 2015

    (a) What model of procurement will be used by her department for the proposed Nuclear Build Program and (b) what are the details of this model?
  • 2014-w1926 - 28 November 2014 28 Nov 2014

    (1) With reference to the reply to question 3125 on 11 December 2013 in respect of the (a) 2011-12, (b) 2012-13 and (c) 2013-14 financial years, (i) when has (aa) she and (bb) the former Minister of Energy visited the Russian Federation and (ii) in respect of each visit, which ...
  • NW3249E - 14 November 2014 14 Nov 2014

    What amount has her department spent on promotional magazines in the (a) 2011-12, (b) 2012-13 and (c) 2013-14 financial years?
  • NW2940E - 07 November 2014 7 Nov 2014

    With regard to the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) update which explicitly states that the nuclear procurement programme must be abandoned if the installed price is more than U$6500 per kilowatt, (a) will the Government be sticking to this recommendation and (b) has the Government also set a threshold price per ...
  • NW2941E - 07 November 2014 7 Nov 2014

    (a) Will the workshops with the nuclear vendor countries that were announced by her department on 18 October 2014 also be open to Members of Parliament to attend and (b) will the documents presented in these workshops be submitted to the Portfolio Committee on Energy to scrutinise; if not, why ...
  • NW2942E - 07 November 2014 7 Nov 2014

    (1) With regard to her department meeting with nuclear scientists at the end of October 2014 in the Drakensberg, (a) what was discussed at this meeting and (b) why was the meeting not held in public; (2) whether her department paid for the meeting; if so, (a) what was the ...
  • NW2758E - 31 October 2014 31 Oct 2014

    (a) What company is currently the largest supplier of coal to Eskom, (b) is this supply done on (i) short or (ii) long term contract and (c) is the rate in which this company is paid comparable to other coal suppliers taking into account issues such as the (i) length ...
  • NW2759E - 31 October 2014 31 Oct 2014

    Is Eskom currently buying coal from companies under the auspices of its emergency mandate; if so, (a) what percentage of its coal is currently being purchased under this mandate and (b) what is the average price that is being paid for such coal?