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  • NW75E - 13 February 2014 13 Feb 2014

    Are there any contingency plans in the provinces where drought has been particularly bad to provide the animals in parks and nature reserves with water; if not, (a) what plans does she have in place to address this critical issue, (b) by when will the plans be implemented and (c) ...
  • NW3692E - 15 November 2013 15 Nov 2013

    (1) Whether her departments received any funds for the Expanded Public Works Programme in the (a) 2010-11, (b) 2011-12 and (c) 2012-13 financial years; (2) whether any of these funds were earmarked for (a) capital or (b) infrastructure-related projects; if so, (i) what are the names of these projects, (ii) ...
  • NW3480E - 25 October 2013 25 Oct 2013

    (1) How much has (a) his department and (b) each of the entities reporting to him spent on advertisements placed on the Africa News Network 7 (ANN7) news channel; (2) were these advertisements placed through the Government Information and Communications System?
  • NW3102E - 11 October 2013 11 Oct 2013

    (1) What steps has (a) her department and (b) the SA National Parks (SANParks) taken to prevent rhino poaching; (2) what steps will (a) her department and (b) SANParks take in future to prevent rhino poaching?
  • NW2483E - 16 August 2013 16 Aug 2013

    For what period this year has the new SA Agulhas II been berthed?
  • NW2431E - 08 August 2013 8 Aug 2013

    What was the (a) make, (b) model, (c) year, (d) purpose, (e) date and/or dates, (f) financial cost and (g) sum total of kilometres driven in respect of each vehicle hired for use by him since 1 January 2012?
  • NW2061E - 26 July 2013 26 Jul 2013

    (a) How many positions are currently vacant in (i) her departments and (ii) each entity reporting to her and (b) how long has each specified position been vacant?
  • NW1181E - 10 May 2013 10 May 2013

    (1) Since 1 January 2011, how many applications under the Promotion of Access to Information Act, Act 2 of 2000, were received by (a) her departments and (b) entities reporting to her, and in each case, how many were (i) granted, (ii) refused and (iii) deemed refused under section 27; ...
  • NW1090E - 03 May 2013 3 May 2013

    (a) How many rhinoceroses were in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park on 9 December 2002 and (b) how many rhinoceroses are currently in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park?
  • NW591E - 15 March 2013 15 Mar 2013

    (1) Whether a certain person (name and details furnished) has been suspended; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) why and (b) on what date was the specified person suspended; (2) what is the current gross monthly salary package of the specified person; (3) who ...