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Formerly: Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature and National Assembly

Mcebisi Jonas

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Deputy Minister Mcebisi Hubert Jonas was born in 1960 in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape. He matriculated at Newewell High School in Port Elizabeth and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in History & Sociology at Vista University. He furthered his studies with a Higher Diploma in Education at Rhodes University. Mr Jonas became active in politics from the age of 14. He led a number of political activities in the Port Elizabeth area and launched underground structures in the Eastern Cape and beyond. He was inspired by the politics of the black Consciousness movement in the early 80’s and was an organiser of Azaso (Azanian Students Organisation). He played a key role in the establishment of the United Democratic Front (UDF) structures in the Eastern Cape, escaping the hit squads many times. He was later sent to exile to complete military training in Angola and Uganda for the People’s Army, Umkhonto Wesizwe (MK). While in exile he was employed by the United Nations to run an education program for the Mkhonto Wesizwe (MK) carders. He has been a member of the Eastern Cape ANC Provincial Executive Committee for two terms (1997-2004 and 2007-2009). Mr Jonas has also read for:Marketing at the University of Cape Town; Investment and Trade Promotion, Ireland Development Agency; Investment and Trade Promotion, Singapore Development Agency; Managing Investment and Trade Programs, Malaysian Development Agency and Development Planning: GTZ. Moreover he established both the Coega IDZ and the ELIDZ. Mr Jonas was a member of the Executive Council (EXCO responsible for Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (2009-2014). This involved providing political oversight to a number of economic public entities.He was also a member of the Executive Council (EXCO) responsible for Finance 2009-2010; the chair of the Portfolio Committee for Human Settlement (EC Legislature) 2007-2009 and the 2000-2005 Chief Executive Officer: Eastern Cape Development Corporation (tasked with the amalgamation of the then Transkei Development Corporation, Ciskei Development Corporation, Ciskei Peoples Bank and other smaller development institutions).Source:

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Chairperson, hon Ministers of the DED and DTI, hon Deputy Ministers, hon members and fellow MECs, it is very encouraging that the broad strategic thrust of the New Growth Path ...

Hon Chairperson, members of the NCOP, let me start by saying that, as a province, we are generally in support of the fiscal framework and the revenue proposals. Hon members ...

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Chairperson : PIC - By virture of being DM of Finance

Managing Public Pension Fund on behalf of the GEPF

Source Description Value

Islamic Republic of Iran Government

Persian rug

+-R2 500

Description Extent Location


1 850sq.m.

Vincent, East London

House - erf 4019

1 500sq.m.

East London

Vacant land - erf 680

Port Alfred

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Public Investment Corporation [Appointed by Cabinet]

Managing Public Pensions Funds

Source Description Value

Direct Selling Association

Gift hamper [Tupperware, skin products, weigh less]

R3 000

Morar Incorporated

Trolley bag; Diary; Sling bag

R2 500

Dr Grey Mills



Extent Description Location

Erf 4019 - 1 500sq.m.


East London

Erf 19806 - 1 850sq.m.


Vincent East

Vacant land - Erf 680

Port Alfred

Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Public Investment Corporation [Appointed by Cabinet]

Managing public pension funds

Source Description Value


Mobilo Speaker

R7 000

Transnet SOC

Trolley bag

R2 000

Description Extent Location


1 850sq.m. - Erf 19806

East London


1 500sq.m. - Erf 4019

East London

Vacant land

Erf 680

Port Alfred