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Samantha Jane Graham


  • Infrastructure Development Act Workshop 2 Sep 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) expressed her gratitude for the informative presentation. She said it raised a number of issues. Legislation might need to be amended in order for the full role and responsibility for infrastructure development to be handed over to the Department. The infrastructure component needed to be clearly ...
  • Role of Independent Development Trust during Covid-19 lockdown period in the social sector of the EPWP 26 Aug 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) said she was confused by the presentation. How many days a month did the participants work? Did the R31 million paid over to the non-profit organisations (NPOs) include a project management fee? The participants were paid R101 -- were the project managers paid out of the EPWP ...
  • DPWI on corruption allegations and investigations reports regarding: State funerals; Beitbridge border-fencing project; Oryx Multimedia contract 18 Aug 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) stated that the Minister had prior knowledge of the Principal Agent, since the latter is appointed on every project carried out under the DPWI. An advisor in the Minister’s office was on site with both the Principle Agent and the contractor on 17 March 2020 ...
  • DPWI Quarter 4 performance 15 Jul 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) commented on the minutes of 9 July 2020 noting that in the meeting, the Committee had asked for the clarity on the numbers of Expanded Public Works Programmes (EPWP) participants. There was a figure of 20 000 which was confusing as there was no clarity in ...
  • DPWI on Adjusted Budget & Revised Annual Performance Plan 9 Jul 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) asked what sort of modelling had been done, and whether the modelling was being amended as this crisis progressed in respect of the number of quarantine and isolation sites that would be needed. Was there a buffer somewhere, should additional budget become necessary?
  • DPWI on South Africa’s Infrastructure Investment Plan 24 Jun 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) said that slide 3 mentioned Infrastructure South Africa as the single point of entry for all infrastructure. DPWI had given away infrastructure to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) and the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). Will DPWI get this back and be ...
  • DPWI on the IDT exit strategy 17 Jun 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) said:
  • DPWI & PMTE 2019/20 Quarter 4 performance 11 Jun 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) reminded the Department that they might have made a mistake on the 83% achieved against the 90% targets on percentage of quotations awarded within 30 days. The Department has not achieved its target.
  • Public Works & Infrastructure Budget: Committee Report 2 Jun 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) commented on Clause 7.3 in the recommendations. She said the report did not make reference to finalising the Public Works Act. Given the Bill’s vital importance, she suggested they should either work on the Bill and skip the White Paper completely, or incorporate the ...
  • CIDB & CBE 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 20 May 2020

    Ms S Graham (DA) emphasised she had asked this question before: what is the value add to registered professionals, what is CBE doing to support the professional bodies? How is CBE attracting registered professionals? What incentive is given? Even government is not using registered professionals when they do government programmes ...