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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Tourism Tourism Sector Transformation: B-BBEE Charter Council briefing
    29 Aug 2018

    The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Charter Council briefed the Committee on the state of transformation in the tourism sector.

    The Council was concerned about the snail’s pace of transformation in the sector. The lack of transformation in the sector was reflected in the results of the study. Some of ...

  • Tourism Bilateral Agreements / Memorandum of Understanding with other countries; with the Deputy Minister
    22 Aug 2018

    Delegates from the Department of Tourism briefed the Committee on on the multilateral forums to which South Africa was a signatory and a member. The briefing was also aimed at providing the status of signed agreements/memorandums of understanding (MOUs), to provide progress on the implementation of signed MOUs, and to ...

  • Tourism South African Tourism 2017/18 Quarter 4 performance
    6 Jun 2018

    South African Tourism (SAT) told the Committee that although there had been an improvement in the overall economy, as well as in consumer confidence at the beginning of 2018, this had not translated into increased spending, as unemployment still remained high. Despite the international tourist arrivals target not being met ...

  • Tourism Election of Chairperson; National Tourism Sector Strategy Review
    30 May 2018

    The National Department of Tourism briefed the Committee on the review of the National Tourism Sector Strategy. After looking at emerging trends at a global level and key sectors the ne Sector Strategy the Draft Strategy went through the gazetting phase. The Department emerged with the new Sector Strategy which ...

  • Tourism South African Tourism (SAT) Annual Performance Plan
    25 Apr 2018

    South African Tourism briefed the Committee on its Annual Performance Plan. While domestic holiday trips have increased by 12% the total number of domestic trips has decreased. The growth of international tourists is below the global growth rates. The reason for this is due to perceptions of safety and security, ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Urban Settlements Development Grant: Western Cape, City of Cape Town & Limpopo
    13 Mar 2018

    The City of Cape Town briefed the Committee on its progress in achieving its targets against funds allocated through the Urban Settlements Development Grant (USDG). The Committee had expressed disappointment after the last review at the city’s slow rate of implementation, and its overall level of under-spending.

    Cape Town’s Human ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Human Settlements Quarter 3 performance; North West Department recovery plan
    27 Feb 2018

    The Department of Human Settlements briefed the Committee on its third quarter progress report, and provided feedback on the improvements that had taken place in the North West Province through the implementation of its recovery plan.

    It reported that its interim financial statements had been prepared in accordance with the ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Economic and Social Rights 2016/17 SAHRC Report
    28 Nov 2017

    The Committee welcomed the offer by the South African Human Rights Commission to assist the Committee in understanding the issues around special needs housing as that was one of the urgent policy needs that had to be dealt with by the Committee.

    The South African Human Rights Commission briefed the ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Department of Human Settlements Quarter 2 performance; North West recovery plan
    14 Nov 2017

    The Committee was briefed by the Department of Human Settlements (DHS) on its second quarter performance report (July – September) 2017, and by the North West provincial Department of Human Settlements on its recovery plan.

    The DHS said that supporting the annual performance plan was an operational plan which detailed ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Human Settlements delivery and performance challenges in Gauteng & Limpopo
    7 Nov 2017

    The Gauteng and Limpopo Departments of Human Settlements were called to report on progress in dealing with the challenges in providing housing in their provinces, as the Portfolio Committee had not been satisfied with the situation indicated in their quarterly performance reports.

    The reception of the Gauteng presentation was generally ...