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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Estate Agency Affairs Board turnaround & transformation strategy; Community Schemes Ombud Services
    31 Oct 2017

    The Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements received presentations from the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) and the Community Schemes Ombud Services (CSOS) which were in response to issues discussed at the previous meeting, as well as concerns raised by the Auditor-General’s report.

    The main issue raised by the CSOS was ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Catalytic Projects; Distressed mining towns revitalization; Informal settlements upgrade: Department & Housing Development Agency progress
    24 Oct 2017

    The Chairperson informed the meeting that when the Committee interacted with the BRRR, the Committee had taken a decision to call the Department of Human Settlements (DHS) to present a detailed presentation on the Catalytic Project Programme, Revitalisation of Distressed Mining Towns, and the Programme for informal settlements.

    The Housing ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Human Settlements Quarter 1 performance
    5 Sep 2017

    The Committee met to be briefed on the performance of the Department of Human Settlements (DHS) for the first quarter (April to June) of the 2017/2018 financial year. After receiving a detailed report on the Department’s programmes, and its achievements and failures, the Committee expressed its disappointment at the lack ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Department of Human Settlements; Free State; Eastern Cape Business Plans
    20 Jun 2017

    The overall budget for the Free State province stood at R1, 24 billion. Total Sites 6 848, Units 5 395 and Title Deeds Backlog 36 919. The budget for OPSCAP is R59 192 560 million, Land Acquisition R5.5million, Accreditation R2 million and National Homebuilders Registration Council (Geo Tech) R6 162 ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Department of Human Settlements, Gauteng Province & North West Province on their Business Plans
    13 Jun 2017

    The North West Province presented the summary of the province’s annual business plan. In total the province budgeted for 5 244 sites, 12 618 units and intended to create 17 862 housing opportunities for the current financial year. The Summary of Planned Targets for the financial years was also given. ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Department of Human Settlements on its Quarter 4 performance; Catalytic Projects progress report
    23 May 2017

    The Department of Human Settlements presented their performance report for the fourth quarter (January –March 2017), providing details of under-performance against targets, such as not reaching the delivery of the planned number of outstanding title deeds. Provincial steering committees for the upgrading of informal settlements were now activated in all ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Committee Reports on Department of Human Settlements Budget; Petitions & Free State Oversight
    9 May 2017

    The Committee met to consider adoption of the report on the Department of Human Settlements’ (DHS’s) budget, the report on the oversight visit to the Free State, and the petition from township residents who were complaining that the Department prioritised informal settlements over backyard dwellers who had been there for ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation NHBRC, EAAB, CSOS, SHRA on their 2017/18 Annual Performance Plan
    28 Mar 2017

    The Social Housing Regulatory Authority’s oriented goals were to establish a well-skilled, resourced and ably led organisation, to support policy and sectoral leadership within the social housing sector, and to establish a functioning organisation for agents and entities delivering units that met a landlord’s responsibilities to the tenant.

    The entity’s ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Nurcha; NHFC; HDA; RHLF on their 2017/18 Annual Performance Plans
    17 Mar 2017

    The National Urban Reconstruction Housing Agent (Nurcha), National Housing Finances Corporation (NHFC) and Rural Housing Loan Fund (RHLF) presented a consolidated presentation on its Annual Performance Plan (APP) for 2017/18. The presentation covered financial performance after consolidation, operating costs and profitability, liquidity and efficiency of operating expenses. The presentation also ...

  • Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Petitions about Human Settlements
    7 Mar 2017

    The Portfolio Committee met with the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements and petitioners to discuss petitions referred to the Committee by the Speaker of National Assembly. The aim of the meeting was to provide responses and government plans on the petitions sent to the Committee from various communities in Ekurhuleni ...