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Committee appearances

  • Labour Committee Report on Workplace Discrimination 6 May 2008

    Mr W Spies (FF) urged the Committee not to forget that while it was the engine-room of the legislative process, it would not be possible to legislate for attitudes.
  • Minnie’s Proposal to Amend Transnet Pension Fund Act: briefing & discussion 27 Feb 2008

    Mr W Spies (FF) said that the Public Enterprises Portfolio Committee had discussed the amending legislation that came into effect last year. At that stage he had made a proposal to the Committee, substantially similar to Mr Minnie’s proposal, so he fully agreed with that principle. There was a flaw ...
  • Workplace Discrimination: public hearings 12 Sep 2007

    Mr W Spies (FFP) noted that in 2005 he had questioned the Minister about the composition of the Public Service. The Minister gave a satisfactory answer that corresponded with the figures that were presented. The Minister also drew an interesting comparison between the composition of the economical active population and ...
  • Skills Development Act: Department briefing 8 Aug 2007

    Mr W Spies (FFP) alleged that the Department and other national strategies failed to investigate and consider how to attract back skilled South Africans who had left the country. He added that these people would be valuable because of their expertise and international experience.
  • Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill: Outstanding Issues & deliberations 19 Jun 2007

    Mr W Spies (FFP) reiterated the concerns of his colleagues in that the dispute is worrying, and added that the legislature is not the correct body to deal with conflict in the executive. He maintained that this is a separation of powers issue, and a forum at executive level would ...

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Plenary appearances

  • Appropriation Bill 1 Jul 2009

    Voorsitter, "Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika" [God sen Afrika.] is seker die bekendste isiXhosa woorde. Dit is 'n roepstem van die mense van Suid-Afrika dat God die kontinent sal sen. My skoonmoeder het jare lank sendingwerk in die Oos-Kaap gedoen en sy het my vertel dat hierdie lied van Enoch Sontonga, wat ...

  • Appropriation Bill 1 Jul 2009

    In Suid-Afrika is sport nie net speletjies nie. Van die hewigste openbare debatte oor die toekoms van Suid-Afrika is, ironies genoeg, juis oor sport en sportgebeure gevoer. Ek dink dit is omdat daar soveel simboliek in sport opgesluit l. As die Springbokke teen Engeland of die Britse Leeus speel, word ...

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