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Committee appearances

  • National Conventional Arms Control Committee Quarter 3 performance; SANDF Deployment 18 Feb 2021

    Mr W Mafanya (EFF) asked whether the Joint Tactical Headquarters included the SAPS, Home Affairs and Defence Force. If so, regarding the concerns over places such as Ficksburg, where people had died due to congestion which had been addressed at some point, he sought their own assessment as to who ...
  • Procurement of Heberon by DoD: SAHPRA & DoD briefing 17 Feb 2021

    Mr W Mafanya (EFF) wanted to know why SAHPRA did not act immediately, and what the consequences that followed were, because there had been a transgression to import the drugs into the country. He asked if SANDF had complied with the orders of SAHPRA. He said that South Africa was ...
  • DoD & DMV Budgetary Review and Recommendation Reports 2 Dec 2020

    Mr W Mafanya (EFF) replied that his issues were addressed in the report.
  • Department of Defence 2019/20 Annual Report 1 Dec 2020

    Mr W Mafanya (EFF) spoke on the sorting out of assets, stressing that the DOD had assets dating back to the apartheid period which were still with them, and they kept on saying they would put them up for auction. How did the DOD intend to speed up the process, ...
  • National Military Veterans Database: DMV briefing 12 Nov 2020

    Mr T Mafanya (EFF) said the Committee now knew that a number of people were going to be enrolled into the system, but it also knew that SA had serious budget constraints. Even after being enrolled into the system, given the constraints mentioned earlier, how were these veterans going to ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans 20 Aug 2020

    Whether her department has done any assessment of the imminent danger that terrorist attacks may pose to the security of the Republic; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details of the imminent danger and the readiness of the SA National Defence Force to protect and defend ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Police 3 Aug 2020

    With reference to a certain person (name furnished), who is a victim of brutal gender-based violence, details furnished), (a) what is the reason behind the specified person not having been given a new court appearance date to date (b) how does his department co-ordinate informing plaintiffs of new court appearance ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Police 5 Nov 2019

    What (a) is the total number of each type of cyber crime that was reported in the 2017- 18 financial year and (b) was the total financial cost in each case?

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Plenary appearances


    Hon House Chair, Minister, most cases of rape do not get reported to police because victims of rape often get taken to through processes and questioning that demean them further at police stations, and quite often rapist are released from jail due to insufficient investigations by police. The failure of ...

  • NOTICES OF MOTION 24 Oct 2019

    House Chairperson, I hereby give notice that, on the next sitting day of the House, I shall move on behalf of the EFF that the House debates the role South Africa must play in the African Union in order to fastrack the flagship programme that has been identified and adopted ...

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