Washington Tseko Isaac Mafanya

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Washington Tseko Isaac Mafanya


  • 2020-w1859 - 20 August 2020 20 Aug 2020

    Whether her department has done any assessment of the imminent danger that terrorist attacks may pose to the security of the Republic; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details of the imminent danger and the readiness of the SA National Defence Force to protect and defend ...
  • 2020-w1131 - 03 August 2020 3 Aug 2020

    With reference to a certain person (name furnished), who is a victim of brutal gender-based violence, details furnished), (a) what is the reason behind the specified person not having been given a new court appearance date to date (b) how does his department co-ordinate informing plaintiffs of new court appearance ...
  • 2019-w77 - 05 November 2019 5 Nov 2019

    What (a) is the total number of each type of cyber crime that was reported in the 2017- 18 financial year and (b) was the total financial cost in each case?
  • 2019-w897 - 09 October 2019 9 Oct 2019

    (1) What is the status of the investigation into the killing of the nationa! football team captain, Mr Senzo Meyiwa; (2) Whether there are any prospects of making arrests for his murder in the near future; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, on what date ...
  • 2019-w76 - 31 July 2019 31 Jul 2019

    (a) What total number of members does the Anti-Gang Unit have and (b) where are they located?
  • 2019-w78 - 03 July 2019 3 Jul 2019

    What number of police stations have permanent counsellors and (b) what are the (i) names and (ii) locations oflhe specified police stations?