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Willem Abraham Stephanus Aucamp

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2020 committee attendance as mp

97% attendance rate

Attended 36 meetings out of 37

2019 committee attendance as mp

58% attendance rate

Attended 18 meetings out of 31

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Committee appearances

  • Division of Revenue Amendment Bill & Adjustments Appropriation Bill: FFC & SALGA briefings 9 Jul 2020

    Mr W Aucamp (DA, Northern Cape) agreed with the FFC that SOEs posed a serious risk to the fiscus. He noted that the DA had said for a long time that appropriations for SOEs was taking money away from the poorest of the poor. Reforms of SOEs were long overdue ...
  • 2020 Division of Revenue Amendment Bill: National Treasury briefing 8 Jul 2020

    Mr W Aucamp (DA, Northern Cape) noted that a lot of money was being spent in response to the COVID-19 disaster, which was correct, but in 2020 the Northern Cape and later the whole country has been declared a drought disaster area. Countrywide only R138m had been made available for ...
  • 2020 Revised Fiscal Framework: public hearings 1 Jul 2020

    Mr W Aucamp (DA) said COSATU represents employees of the country but he does not think that COSATU represents workers in the agricultural sector. There was a lot of discussion on the increasing unemployment rate. Has a calculation been done of the number of job losses that will occur in ...
  • 2020 Revised Fiscal Framework: PBO & Financial and Fiscal Commission briefing 30 Jun 2020

    Mr S Aucamp (DA, Northern Cape) noted that there is a drought in the Northern Cape and he is concerned about the farmers in the agriculture sector. There are people who need help and more support from the government is needed and not mere window-dressing.
  • Appropriation Bill [B4-2020]: Committee Report 15 Jun 2020

    Mr W Aucamp (DA, Northern Cape) said it was strange that when a Minister said something which the ANC did not like, it was brushed under the carpet. It was an extremely important point. One of the biggest reasons that South Africa was in the situation it was in, was ...

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Plenary appearances

  • LGBTIQ+. 7 Nov 2019

    Well, that does not matter now I am at the podium to speak. Mr Deputy President, thank you very much. It is

    commendable that you are giving attention to climate change. However, whatever state of the art early warning systems you are engaging with universities; that is also commendable. However ...

  • LGBTIQ+. 7 Nov 2019

    Hon Chair, well I was initially recognised by you. You nodded your head so, but thank you very much, hon Labuschagne.

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