VIP: Voting is Power

Feb. 11, 2014 (6 years, 5 months ago)

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The Voting is Power (VIP) campaign, launched by LiveSA magazine, is aimed at youth - the politically frustrated, the politically curious, and even the politically apathetic. It encourages you to get involved and have your say. People might see politicians as the VIPs, but you need to remember “they work for YOU”.

We invite you to be a new breed of VIP. How? By joining our campaign to make a difference. Consider this a call to action. To think, to talk, to share. To make change and to participate. And to vote. If you’re one of many who feels no party represents you, we have some ideas about how to express this, both on and off our ballots.

Our main point? We feel we need your voices to be heard. Some of our plans for action in 2014 include posting our concerns on our dedicated Facebook page, tweeting solutions, making t-shirts and posters, and writing stories or making videos about the real VIPs (people making change) in your community.

Join the VIP discussion today Check out our latest content on our VIP mini-site and YouTube channel, Like our dedicated Facebook page Facebook/LiveVIPZA, join the discussion on Twitter #livevipza or join our Twibbon campaign.

Post your thoughts or start a political discussion on the dedicated Facebook page. People are encouraged to tweet, tell their stories, or make videos about people making changes in their communities. Join the VIP discussion today!

For more information, go to VIP: Voting is Power.



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