The Week Ahead: It’s all about SONA 2023

President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver his seventh State of the Nation Address on Thursday at 19:00.

It’s one of the most important speeches that the President delivers in any year. With a prime time tv audience, it is a tremendous PR opportunity for the President to give a report on the economic and social state of the nation and lay out his administration’s priorities for the year.

The speech is the result of collaboration among a large number of officials in the government - including policy advisors, researchers, and speech writers – and outside advisors and thinkers. Traditionally, the Forum of Director-Generals, the ANC's January 8th Statement, NEC Lekgotla, and the Cabinet Lekgotla play a central role in shaping the speech.

The target audience consists of different constituencies, such as MPs, citizens, trade unions, business leaders, foreign investors, foreign governments, and credit rating agencies.

For the second consecutive year, the address will take place at the Cape Town City Hall due to ongoing repairs of the National Assembly Chamber.

It also marks the opening of the parliamentary year.

Monday is an unusually busy day. First, the National Assembly Speaker will be swearing in new members, including the incoming Deputy President of the Republic. In the afternoon, there will be a special joint sitting to pay tribute to the first NA Speaker in democratic South Africa.

The committee corridor is slowly coming back to life with important business scheduled. Here is a run-down of some of the most interesting meetings:

TUESDAY, 7 FEBRUARY 2023 Portfolio Committee on Tourism, (National Assembly), [Briefing by the Ministry and South African Tourism (SAT) Board on: The alleged R1 billion-sponsorship deal to the English Premier League Soccer Club; Consideration of minutes], Committee Room 2, Ground Floor, 120 Plein Street Building, Parliament, 09:00-12:00

Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs, (National Assembly), [Consideration and adoption of the Bill of the Electoral Amendment and the Report to the National Assembly], Virtual Meeting Platform, 09:00-13:00

Portfolio Committee on Basic Education, (National Assembly), [Consideration and Adoption of outstanding draft minutes and draft reports; Briefing by Department of Basic Education on School-Readiness 2023], Virtual Meeting Platform, 09:30-12:30 Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration (Sub-Committee), (National Assembly), [Shortlisting of the Candidates for the Public Service Commission Commissioner vacancy], Virtual Meeting Platform, 09:30-13:00

Joint Meeting: Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises, Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources and Energy and Select Committee on Public Enterprises and Communication, (National Assembly and National Council of Provinces), [Briefing by the Eskom on the following: Immediate to medium term solutions to load shedding (an issue from collapsed meeting); Budget for maintenance of coal plants vs Independent Power Producers; Response to allegations made by organised labour], Committee Room S12A, Ground Floor, NCOP Wing, 14:00-20:00


Select Committee on Transport, Public Service and Administration, Public Works and Infrastructure, (National Council of Provinces), [Briefing by the Department of Transport on the Economic Regulation of Transport Bill [B 1B – 2020, (s76)], Virtual Meeting Platform, 10:00-13:00

Committees provide a platform for the public to present views directly to MPs. Share your thoughts, on-the-ground experience and expert information with the relevant committees. Critically, what questions should MPs pose to the Executive as they conduct their oversight work? Write to a Parliamentary Committee

View the schedule page here.

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