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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2010 [Source]


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business
Phatsimang Security CC [Deregistration process]
Spot on Fotoshop CC [Deregistration process]
Teemaneng Agri Mining CC [Deregistration process]

Committee appearances

  • Taxation Laws Amendment Bill: deliberations 14 Jun 2002

    In response to the submissions on the need to extend PART 2 of the ninth schedule Mr Louw (SARS) said that the extension of the list is in the hands of the Minister. It will be considered in the next budget cycle. He said that there is nothing that SARS ...
  • Taxation Laws Amendment Bill: deliberations 14 Jun 2002

    Mr Louw (SARS) noted that the SARS Response to the Submissions document is the final recommendations of SARS but he asked that there be some room for the consideration of a few minor issues. Many of the issues were technical and Mr Louw proposed that the more substantive matters be ...
  • Taxation Laws Amendment Bill: hearings; Financial Advisory & Intermediary Services Bill: adoption 12 Jun 2002

    Mr Louw (SARS) wanted to first have discussion before finally commenting on bursaries and scholarships. He added that if the funds go directly to schools or universities, then section 18A covers this. A problem exists if wider exemptions are granted as was previously done. SARS found that employers created funds ...
  • Taxation Laws Amendment Bill: briefing 4 Jun 2002

    The Committee was briefed by Mr Grote (National Treasury) and Mr Louw (SARS).
  • South African Revenue Service Budget & Business Plan: briefing 14 May 2002

    Mr Louw (SARS) replied that the CGT rulings were of a technical nature. Many dealt with requests on how to value property, how the exemptions worked and who could do the valuations. None of the rulings were of a high level. In response to the second question Mr Louw said ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Labour 6 Aug 2010

    (1) Whether his department uses the services of any temporary employment agency to provide staff or workers; if not, why not; if so, in each case, (a) how many staff/workers do temporary employment agencies provide and (b) where are they employed; (2) whether his department has established any agreements or ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Labour 28 May 2010

    Whether his (a) department or (b) any of its entities has signed any contractual agreements with certain companies (names furnished) or any of their affiliates (i) in the (aa) 2008-09 and (bb) 2009-10 financial years and (ii) during the period 1 April 2010 up to the latest specified date for ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Transport 21 May 2010

    (a) When is the final report of the Special Investigating Unit’s investigation into the alleged corruption and fraud relating to the illegal conversion of panel vans into taxis expected, (b) what is the (i) scope and (ii) terms of reference and brief of the investigation and (c) what (i) costs ...

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Plenary appearances

  • APPROPRIATION BILL (Consideration of Votes and Schedule) 26 May 2010

    Deputy Speaker, the DA will not support the Budget Vote for Labour this year because the director-general, Mr Jimmy Manyi, artificially created future expenditure to justify an additional R1 billion to the budget. The shortage of labour inspectors in all provinces is not adequately addressed in this budget. Currently, the ...

  • NOTICES OF MOTION 4 Mar 2010

    Mr Speaker, I hereby give notice that I intend moving, on behalf of the DA, the following motion:

    That the House debates the need for the creation of decent sustainable jobs other than the job opportunities created by the Expanded Public Works Programme.

    Thank you.

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