Dr Pumza Patricia Dyantyi

Formerly: Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature and National Assembly

Pumza Patricia Dyantyi

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Died 7th December 2020


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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 22 Dec 2020

    In view of the important role that public-private partnerships have played in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, (a) are there any other initiatives that he and/or his department have to continue in co-operation with the public-private partnerships and (b) how will the co-operation be taken forward to achieve a ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 22 Dec 2020

    As the Republic enters the holiday season, and with malaria being an important public health consideration, with the World Health Organisation predicting more deaths due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, what (a) impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on programmes aimed at mitigating against the malaria epidemic, such ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 22 Dec 2020

    With reference to the issue of personal protective equipment (PPEs) which came under the spotlight in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, what (a) actions and/or measures has he and/or his department taken to address the (i) availability, (ii) quantity and (iii) quality of PPEs and (b) role has the ...

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  • NOTICES OF MOTION 5 Nov 2019

    Hon House Chair, I hereby give notice that on the next sitting day of the House I shall move on behalf of the ANC:

    That the House debates the critical role the private sector needs to play in improving the health system, and with the combined strength between the public ...


    Thank you, hon House Chair. It's a prophecy; I will follow the rule to become the doctor. [Laughter.] Hon Minister, as you have mentioned that you will build on existing plans and policies to address the

    employment that would be designated as not requiring scares skills, when are you anticipating ...

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