Mr Roland Athol Price Trollip

Formerly: Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature and National Assembly

Roland Athol Price Trollip

About Roland Athol Price Trollip

Athol Trollip is the former Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Born in 1964 in Bedford, Athol was the fifth generation born on the family farm, Mount Prospect. He attended school at Woodridge College in Port Elizabeth and matriculated in 1981. He held various leadership positions in the school and on the sports fields.

He went on to study Agricultural Management at the University of Natal in Pietermaritzburg, after which he travelled abroad working as a student farmer in Australia, New Zealand and Scotland.

Athol served his local community on a number of committees and was awarded honorary life membership of the Bedford Farmers Association and Bedford Club. He also served on the Regional Soil Conservation Committee and was an executive member of the Eastern Cape Agricultural Union.

Both Athol’s father and grandfather were actively involved in politics. His grandfather was a member of Parliament for the United Party, and his father was a candidate for the Provincial Council for the PFP and served on the Smaldeel District Council.

Athol was first elected as a public representative for the DP in 1995 and served as an executive member of the Amathole District Municipality. He was then elected to the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature in 1999 and served two terms there until 2009.

In 2009 he was elected to the National Assembly and subsequently elected to lead the DA as the leader of the official opposition until 2012. Athol then returned to the legislature in the Eastern Cape and was elected to his third term as leader of the official opposition in the legislature in 2014.

Athol was elected as federal chairperson at the DA Federal Congress in May 2015.

Athol resigned from the DA in 2019.

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Mr A Trollip (DA) said that Dr Mulaudzi had stressed that the plan should not be to revert back to ...

Dr M Motshekga, ANC Chief Whip, re-iterated the majority party's belief that South Africa belonged to all who lived there. ...

Mr A Trollip (DA) said that the report and responses from the Department were not helping as they could not ...

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(1) With reference to the alleged shooting and killing by the SA Police Service (SAPS) of Khosiyethu Mgoqi during service ...

(1) On what basis has the annual rental of a certain person (name furnished), the current lessee from his department ...

(1) Whether his department is involved in any food production initiatives on (a) revitalised parastal land, (b) communal land and ...

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On a point of order, Chair: My tongue did slip. I meant the Chief Surveyor General. So, my tongue did slip.

Sihlalo, malungu ahloniphekileyo, zindwendwe zethu, ndifuna ukuthi namhlanje, Mphathiswa, ndiyayincoma le bhulorho kwaye nomsebenzi ndiwubonile phaya. [Kwaqhwatywa.] Into entle intle. [Hon Chairperson, hon members, distinguished guests, hon Minister, I would ...

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Multi Choice

Description Extent Location


3 Bedroom

East London

Holiday Home

5 Bedroom

Eastern Cape

Source Description


Annual subscription on DSTV VIP programme

Description Extent Location


3 Bedroom

East London

Holiday Residence [50%]

5 Bedrooms

Eastern Cape

Description Sponsor

Visit to Taiwan, focussing on health care provision, agriculture and education.

Taiwanese Government

Attended an International Conference in Korea - World league for Freedom and Democracy

Taiwanese Government

Attended the 5th Tibetan International parliament in exile in Rome

Tibetan Govt. in exile

Attended German Election and a Conference - Participant

Freiderich Naumann Foundation

Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Mount Prospect Farm Trust

Dormant Trust

Source Description Value

Mr Glen Marques [Mnet]

DSTV Decoder Subscription


WLFO - Korea

Digital photo album


Former Prime Minister of Belgium - Mr Martin

Mont Blanc ballpoint pen


French Ambassador

Coffee table book


Taiwanese Liaison Office

Bott. of brandy [Xmas gift]


Taiwanese Liaison Office

2 Bott. of Wine


USA Consulate

Bott. of Whisky [Xmas gift]


Dep. Chairman of DPP and Deputy Speaker of Taiwanese Legislative Yuan

1 Traditional Taiwanese painting


Description Extent Location

Residential property [Townhouse]

3 Bedroom

East London

Holiday House [1/2 share]


Eastern Cape