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  • Passing Away Of Author, Poet And Human Rights Activist Maya Angelou (Draft Resolution) 24 Jun 2014

    Hon Deputy Speaker, I move without notice:

    That the House -

    1) notes the passing of American author, poet and human rights activist, Maya Angelou, on 28 May 2014;

    2) further notes that Ms Angelou was a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace, and that with her actions she bound South ...

  • Da Leader Challenges President Jacob Zuma To Public Debate (Member's Statement) 13 Mar 2014

    ... unemployment has grown from 30% to 34% and, using the narrow definition which excludes discouraged job seekers, from 23% to 24,1%, despite the recent claims he made to the contrary.

    My friends and colleagues, today there are 1,4 million more South Africans who are unemployed than the day ...

  • Da Leader Challenges President Jacob Zuma To Public Debate (Member's Statement) 13 Mar 2014

    Mr Speaker, today Helen Zille has written to President Jacob Zuma to challenge him to join her in a nationally televised presidential debate on the state of our economy and our country, particularly in relation to jobs. Since President Zuma took office ... [Interjections.]

  • Farewell Tributes To Mr K P Motlanthe, Deputy President Of The Republic Of South Africa 11 Mar 2014

    Thank you, Mr Speaker. Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, the historian Arthur Schlesinger once remarked that the concept of leadership implies, by its very nature, that individuals make a difference in history. He disapprovingly wrote:

    From classical times to the present, eminent thinkers have regarded individuals as no more than pawns ...

  • Da Calls On Anc To Release Election Candidates Lists (Member's Statement) 6 Mar 2014

    Mr Speaker, the DA calls on the ANC Secretary General to release the lists of the election candidates ... [Interjections.] ... and specifically the list of ANC premier candidates. With only 62 days to go before the election we still don't know who the ANC is asking South Africa to vote ...

  • No249E 5 Mar 2014

    The Constitution obliges the hon Deputy President to "assist the President in the executive functions of government". The question is, what are you doing, hon Deputy President, to bring the President out of hiding in order to face the music about the embarrassing personal example he is setting? I thank ...

  • Notices Of Motion 5 Mar 2014

    Hon Speaker, I hereby give notice that on the next sitting day of the House I shall move on behalf of the DA:

    That the House debates measures to reverse the monumental trade deficit accumulated under the current Government since 2009.

  • No249E 5 Mar 2014

    Mr Speaker, taking note of the hon Deputy President's response to the question posed about the government's intention regarding the recommendations by the Public Protector, I want to ask the Deputy President whether he will distance government from the immature, premature and grossly inappropriate attack launched by the ...

  • No249E 5 Mar 2014

    Speaker, it is of the greatest importance that the President addresses this Assembly before the end of this particular term. Therefore, following my colleague, I ask again whether the Deputy President will in fact make a very special effort to communicate with the Speaker to see whether there can be ...

  • No249E 5 Mar 2014

    Mr Speaker, I thank the hon Deputy President for his usual gracious response. But the question does remain as to why President Zuma has been hiding in the Union Buildings and avoids addressing representatives of the people assembled here on issues of compelling national importance, such as the high level ...