What exactly do Provincial Legislatures do?

The Legislature is an arm of state, alongside the Judiciary and the Executive. It is tasked with making laws, passing budgets and conducting oversight on the executive. Provincial legislature conduct this function of state at provincial level.

The public as the main stakeholder, have a right to participate in the ...

How South Africa’s electoral system effectively disenfranchises voters

By Pierre De Vos


The South African Constitution does not provide any clarity on the nature of the relationship between extra-parliamentary political parties and their elected representatives in the national and provincial legislatures. Can extra-parliamentary leaders of political parties dictate to their MPs how to exercise their constitutional duties, including ...

Ms Tabiso Wana (ANC)


What is your political background? I entered politics from the working class point of view and I am among those that had spent some time incarcerated for my involvement in the political unrest prior to 1994. This was post matric in a rural area called Qhumanco Village of Cofimvaba.

Around ...

Infographic: Parliament 2016 - second term review

With the second term term (4 April to 27 May 2016) of Parliament done and dusted, the People’s Assembly takes a look at some of the Legislature’s activities from this period. The review provides a snapshot of the number of working days, bills processed, oral replies by the President and ...

Analysis: This week's SONA 2016 debate, an ideal electioneering platform


zuma Picture: Nardus Engelbrecht/SAPA.

The sequel to President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address unfolds over two afternoons from Tuesday as MPs take to the National Assembly podium to debate last week’s presidential remarks. With local government elections later this year, it’s the perfect opportunity to electioneer ...

Everything you need to know about SONA 2016

When and what time is the 2016 State of the Nation Address?

President Zuma’s ninth State of the Address will be delivered on Thursday, February 11 at 19:00. In a break from tradition in February 2010, he delivered the SONA for the first time in the evening to give more ...

Parliament in 2016: what to expect

From the local government elections to political battles, 2016 promises to be another turbulent year in Parliament. Also high on the agenda are contentious legislation, domestic challenges, the state of the economy and public accountability. We preview some of the main issues that will dominate the headlines in 2016.

More ...

Review of Parliament 2015

The 2015 parliamentary year will be remembered as one of the most dramatic and eventful. The legislature had a bumper year of court battles, internal squabbles, brinkmanship, attempts to impeach the President, riot police batting with protesters and MPs and strike action. Despite all the sideshows and distractions, Parliament still ...

The Week Ahead: Farewells, loose ends and tussles

The constituency period beckons, with MPs due to depart at the end of the week and return to Parliament next year. But a fair amount of heavy-duty business will be done before they go.

It's a big week in the NA chamber with MPs scheduled to sit for long hours ...

The Week Ahead: The strike and President top the agenda

Forget the party battles and EFF gimmicks. The really titanic struggle being fought out in Parliament at the moment is between the staff and management over performance bonuses.

Workers began striking last week after accusing Parliament of reneging on a past agreement for performance bonuses to be paid based on ...

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