Understanding Constituency Offices

South Africa makes use of a Proportional Representation electoral system. This means that our elected representatives (Members of Parliament) are not elected from geographic areas in the way Ward Councillors are elected in Local Government elections.

MPs have a Constitutional duty to interact with the public and assist the public ...

Representation and Participation of Women in Parliament


The month of August marks Women's month in South Africa. We must reflect on the progress that South Africa has made in terms of women’s representation and participation in Parliament.

Women’s Representation in Parliament within the current electoral system

South Africa has a five-year electoral cycle. Effective oversight, law-making, public ...

MP Ganief Hendricks tells us how he runs five Constituency Offices


Ever wanted to know what exactly happens in Constituency offices, and how some MPs engage with their constituents?

In this blog, we had the opportunity to interview Mr Ganief Hendricks who runs a whopping five constituency offices across the country. His constituency office areas are in Western Cape, Eastern Cape, ...

The Week Ahead: NCOP Question Time with the President


The National Assembly is officially on recess from today until 17 August.

Meanwhile, the NCOP’s second term will run until 21 June.

The NCOP chamber has arranged a varied agenda for delegates. Highlights include Oral Questions and Replies with the President, legislative business, policy debates and a Youth Day debate. ...

The Week Ahead: End of Term & Independent Panel Report on Public Protector

end of term and independt panel on PP

The constituency period beckons, with MPs due to sign off at the end of the week and resume on 4 May 2021.

Not everyone will be on a break though. A few committees, with urgent business, have arranged meetings during this period.

There is no opportunity to go through the ...

The Week Ahead: Local Government Week

local govt week ahead

There will be a brief lull in Parliament this week, with the National Assembly in recess from today until 5 October.

During this period NA lawmakers will be performing constituency work. They have a duty to: be available to the public, help solve problems and report back to their constituents ...

MPs Guide to Running a Constituency Office

This piece is geared toward political parties, Members of Parliament, Members of Provincial Legislatures and other public representatives.

Constituency offices are crucial to the democratic fabric of South Africa. Even though we make use of a Proportional Representation electoral system, public representatives are obligated to interact with and assist all ...

Mr Haniff Hoosen

"South Africans by nature have a very high tolerance for corruption and poor governance. The day that this changes is the day that we will start building a more prosperous future for our children."

What is your political background? How did you come to join your political party and become ...

Ms Ntombovuyo Mente (EFF)


What is your political background? How did you come to join your political party and become an MP?

I am from Cofimvaba where I read for my basic education. During my high school there had been an incident at my school involving a teacher and a student. We had been ...

Inkosi Russel Cebekhulu (IFP)


What is your political background and what attracted you to your political party?

I joined the IFP in 1978 when I was still in school. I was mainly influenced by my father. who at the time was working with the IFP. He instilled the IFP philosophy and what the party ...

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