The Week Ahead: President and Parliament’s Budget Vote Debates Take Centre Stage

In the National Assembly, the main plenary event will be the debate on the Presidency's budget vote scheduled on Thursday and the President’s reply a day later.

The Constitution confers on the Presidency the responsibility of leading a capable developmental state. A capable state is well-run and well-managed, with clear ...

Child Protection Week

What is Child Protection Week?

National Child Protection Week is commemorated annually to raise awareness on the rights of children as articulated in the Constitution and Children's Act (Act No. 38 of 2005).

The campaign is led by the Department of Social Development in partnership with Basic Education.

We need ...

Asset Maintenance Management Plans

What Are Asset Maintenance Management Plans?

To combat poor levels of service delivery, maintenance plans were developed to ensure that infrastructure remained efficient and usable. Asset maintenance management plans - also known as immovable asset management plans or infrastructure maintenance plans - are strategic outlines for the repair and maintenance ...

The Week Ahead: Budget Vote Debates Begin

Following the parliamentary committee hearings on the 2022/23 priorities, targets and spending plans of departments, the focus shifts to the budget vote debates which commence this week and run until 10 June 2022.

These debates happen in the mini-plenary sittings of the National Assembly and are headlined by Ministers, their ...

The Week Ahead: Eskom and Freedom Day Debates

Following last week’s pared-down programme, things return to normal with a full agenda in the main chambers and committee corridor.

Everything from oral questions to the Executive, debates, legislative business, committee oversight, and a Conference is scheduled.

The National Assembly will hold a debate – on Tuesday - to celebrate ...

The Week Ahead: President’s Joint Address on SA floods

It is largely a low-key week with NA MPs on leave, a public holiday and only a handful of meetings scheduled.

The main point of interest is the President’s joint address on Tuesday. Convening an address to both Houses is a rare occurrence and is generally reserved for the State ...

Understanding the 2022 Climate Change Bill

The Week Ahead: The Second Term Begins

The virtual/hybrid Parliament will continue for another term, with some MPs working from the precinct and others remotely.

According to the latest timetable, the NA programme will run for 9 weeks and the NCOP for 10 weeks.

Some of the highlights include committee, oversight, and legislative work; oral questions to ...

Get To Know Baxolile Nodada

1. How did you come to join your political party and become an MP?

I joined the DA in 2011 through the Democratic Alliance Students' Organisation at Nelson Mandela University, where I served as branch Chairperson and the Secretary General of the Student Representative's Council. I was later elected a ...

First Term Review 2022