2022 Provincial Budget Dates

SOPA 2022 Dates

The State of the Province Address is an annual event delivered by the Premier or provincial head, which marks the official opening of the Provincial Legislature. The speech is delivered in front of members of the provincial executive, including the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, and the Secretary.

SOPA follows the President’s ...

What exactly do Provincial Legislatures do?

The Legislature is an arm of state, alongside the Judiciary and the Executive. It is tasked with making laws, passing budgets and conducting oversight on the executive. Provincial legislature conduct this function of state at provincial level.

The public as the main stakeholder, have a right to participate in the ...

2021 Provincial Budget Speeches

The spotlight is now focused on the provinces, as they highlight how their provincial budgets will be spread out across the different government department and programmes. The infographic below provides a useful calendar of the different Provincial Budget Speeches due to take place in the month of March.

*Please note ...

How South Africa’s electoral system effectively disenfranchises voters

By Pierre De Vos


The South African Constitution does not provide any clarity on the nature of the relationship between extra-parliamentary political parties and their elected representatives in the national and provincial legislatures. Can extra-parliamentary leaders of political parties dictate to their MPs how to exercise their constitutional duties, including ...

Elected reps forgetting the public can attend

This week is Global Legislative Open Week (GLOW). In view of this, People's Assembly decided to review how open and transparent our provincial legislatures are.

The Constitution enjoins the legislatures to facilitate public participation in the law-making process, conduct their business in an open manner and to take reasonable measures ...