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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Electricity Generation Technology Choice: briefing by Parliamentary Budget Office
    7 Sep 2016

    The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) provided a presentation on the costs and considerations of electricity generation choices. The briefing by the PBO was very technical looking at the costing and comparison measures utilised to draw assumptions.

    Many countries in the world engage in energy planning. Electricity is not like other ...

  • Public Accounts (SCOPA) Unauthorised expenditure of Department of Sports and Recreation & Department of Public Service and Administration: National Treasury briefing
    7 Sep 2016

    The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) said that it had gone over budget by R8.8m because two advisory bodies, comprising a total of nine members, had been established, and because the model of operation of the advisory bodies had involved extensive travel between Cape Town and Pretoria. When ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations 2017/18 Division of Revenue: Financial and Fiscal Commission Submission
    6 Sep 2016

    The theme of the 2017/18 FFC submission was the intergovernmental fiscal relations system and rural development. The majority of the South African poor were living in rural areas, which lagged behind on economic performance indicators. The rural economy was no longer just a farm economy. The potential of land reform ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Cost & outcomes of Industrial Development initiatives: Parliamentary Budget Office briefing
    31 Aug 2016

    The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) briefed the Standing Committee on Appropriations with a report on the costs and outcomes of industrial development initiatives for the period from 1994 to 2015.

    The PBO provided an analysis of the government’s commitment to industrial development, the development of policies, and also the development ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations State-Owned Entities: analysis of 4 Quarter 2015/16 and 1 Quarter 2016/17 performance
    30 Aug 2016

    The Committee researchers briefed the Committee on a list of 12 state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and other public entities. Strategic roles and major challenges received attention. Challenges were centered on procurement; expenditure, finance and consequence management; leadership and governance; financial and operational sustainability; human resources, and non-compliance with the Public Finance ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Prioritisation of departments for Committee oversight: briefing by Committee researcher
    24 Aug 2016

    The Standing Committee on Appropriations met to deliberate on the Committee Researchers’ Reports on the Prioritisation of departments for oversight by the Committee. The researchers briefing explained key departments for prioritisation by the Committee for 2016

    The following issues were highlighted:

    Part 1: Strategic contributions in developmental and budgetary indicators
To ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations National Treasury on its 4 Quarter 15/16 & 1 Quarter 16/17 performance
    23 Aug 2016

    The National Treasury presented on the preliminary revenue and expenditure outcomes for national departments. The main budget deficit amounted to 4.2 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). Departments had spent R699 billion against the final available budget of R706 billion, indicating under-spending of one percent. There had been significant ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Appropriation Bill [B3-2016]: DA proposed amendments; Committee Report consideration and adoption
    17 May 2016

    The Standing Committee on Appropriations met for the consideration and adoption of the 2016 Appropriation Bill. The Democratic Alliance submitted and presented proposed amendments to the 2016 Appropriation Bill.

    The Committee discussed the proposed amendments presented by the DA but they were concerned about the time that had lapsed for ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Deputy Minister of Basic Education on his Department 3rd Quarter 2015/16 performance
    4 May 2016

    The Department of Basic Education (DBE)presented the 3rd quarter expenditure report of the DBE. Overall, spending was at 79% of allocations, which is slightly above what is to be expected at 3rd quarter. However, she noted that key contributing activities had taken place early in the financial year to inflate ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Minister of Health on his Department 3rd Quarter 2015/16 performance
    3 May 2016

    Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi said maintenance of infrastructure was very important. He suggested the current ratio of 25% spent on maintenance and 25% on refurbishment should be further changed to 30% for maintenance and 20% for refurbishment to cover the maintenance backlogs. It had been a battle dealing with ...