Social Development Month: Interview with Liezl Linda Van Der Merwe

What is your role on the Portfolio Committee on Social Development?

I am an active member of the Portfolio Committee; my responsibilities include considering all legislation, reports and various other issues that are brought before the Committee, as well as to bring mandates on behalf the IFP. More importantly, it ...

Social Development Month: Interview with Alexandra Abrahams

What is your role on the Portfolio Committee on Social Development?

I represent the Democratic Alliance in my capacity as Member of Parliament (MP) on the Portfolio Committee on Social Development. As MPs we have input in agenda items, however, most of the agenda is made up of statutory items ...

International Day of Democracy: Democratic Elections in South Africa

Pillars of Democracy

Between 1994 and 1996, various roleplayers, including the democratically elected Constitutional Assembly, Parliament, and the Constitutional Court, negotiated the South African Constitution. To this day, the Constitution that was produced has been regarded as one of the more progressive in the world, based on its extensive guarantees ...

International Youth Day 2022: Interview With Fasiha Hassan

We interviewed Fasiha Hassan, the youngest member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature, to discuss the importance of International Youth Day and youth activism.

Listen to the audio here. Read the transcript below.

Please note that the transcript is not verbatim, as it has been edited for readability.

People's Assembly ...

Is the Electoral Amendment Bill Unconstitutional?

We sat down with Election Analyst, Michael Atkins, to discuss the electoral Amendment Bill and what consequences it will have for the 2024 national elections. Read the interview transcript below, and listen to the audio here.

Please note that this is not a verbatim transcript, as it has been edited ...

How Are SCOPA Chairpersons Elected Nationally and Provincially?

What Is The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA)?

The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) is a Legislature Committee that acts as Parliament’s watchdog over the financial expenditure of the Executive. It audits reports, internal audits, forensic reports and any other documents issued by the Auditor-General, as well as ...

Second Term Review of Parliament 2022

Second Term Review of Parliament

Interview With IEC Deputy Chief Electoral Officer

What Is The Independent Electoral Commission?

The Independent Electoral Commission is a permanent body and Chapter 9 Institution created by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. The IEC is responsible for the management of free and fair elections. They work independently of the government, however, they are still ...

Asset Maintenance Management Plans

What Are Asset Maintenance Management Plans?

To combat poor levels of service delivery, maintenance plans were developed to ensure that infrastructure remained efficient and usable. Asset maintenance management plans - also known as immovable asset management plans or infrastructure maintenance plans - are strategic outlines for the repair and maintenance ...